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Parents of a Fallen Angel

hadiya-pendletonThank you Cleo and Anthony Pendleton Sr. My name is Kenny Ollins. You don’t know me, but we have mutual friends. I attended the funeral of your precious angel. I wanted to let you know your strength has rubbed off on many Americans. It is because of your parenting that Hadiya was the bright light she was. She was a leader. She will always be a role model. Some little girl now has hope because of Hadiya. She had such a promising future, but because of the hatred that we as blacks have for one another, the perpetuation of self destruction cut her life short. Hadiya lived a short life, yet did so much during that time.

She has raised the bar for many people. If this isn’t a wake up call for many Americans to live everyday with love in their hearts then I don’t know what is.

Hadiya could have one day been our first black female president of the USA because she possessed such promise, hope, and determination for the future.  As I heard all her good friends speak, it shows she was someone special.

Hadiya has awakened a sleeping America. She touched lives across the country. God used this sweet soul as the special one to open the eyes and hearts of so many. So with that  being said, I’m asking for men, brothers, uncles, Pastors, Politicians, ALL MEN, please stand up. It’s time for us to do our part and that’s save our little boys so we wont have another Hadiya tragedy. It’s sad enough that our little boys are killing one another, but now our little girls. What future do they have if we don’t help them? Every little boy or girl is not as fortunate to have the parents like Hadiya, therefore we need to step up and help out. Men start acting like men and stop acting like little boys and little boys stop acting like men, your time will come. Thank you Anthony and Cleo. We have your back. R.I.P. little sweet angel Hadiya.



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