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Stop playing games

LADIES it is not your responsibility to consistently and constantly hold a man accountable for his lack of ability to consistently treat you with love, respect, and adoration. You should have a gold standard in which you never waiver from. If that man cannot meet that standard, then simply put “he’s not the man for you.” Now an occasional tug here and there as a friendly reminder to say “baby you’re slipping” because sometimes it takes a man a little while to finally get it. But a constant reminder that your needs are not being met will eventually turn into nagging and complaining, which will eventually fall on deaf ears.

Men: In turn if you don’t have the ability, wherewithal, or capacity to consistently and constantly do the things that you did in the beginning to get that woman in an effort to keep her, just be honest and say “hey I don’t have what it takes and leave her alone so that a man who can will have the opportunity to do so.


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