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Kenny Ollins delivers a message of hope and the understanding that one can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. Kenny Ollins dedication to all responsibilities he undertake, including CEO/Creator/Talk Show Host at The B.O.R.N Show and professional model, is nothing short of admirable as he is an inspiration to all he comes in contact with. Known also for his compelling charisma, Kenny Ollins has emerged as a fresh and innovative voice of hope, courage, and inspiration to audiences nationwide of all sizes. With his unwavering reassurance and sunny disposition, Kenny Ollins’ uplifting and contagious stage presence only serves to strengthen the core values at the heart of his messages: That we are who we are not just for the events that shape our lives, but also for how we react to those events.

From his growing-up years in the austere world of Chicago’s Cabrini-Green Projects, to his long tenure in the Juvenile Justice field, Kenny Ollins draws upon his often hard-nosed life experiences with an effervescent mix of humor and optimism, to teach others how to unlock the hidden potential and unwavering resilience that lie deep within each of us. His strength lies in his awe-inspiring ability to show others how to turn obstacles into opportunities, and stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

A man of firm principles and steadfast values, Kenny Ollins is making his mark as a man with a mission and a message. Having known Kenny professionally and personally for 22 years, I can say that I have been given a great amount of glory and validation as a result of our relationship.

Andre Lewis
Director, Graduate Admission
College of Education
2400 North Sheffield Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614-2215


“I have had the honor of knowing Kenny for over 20 years. During that entire time Kenny has been a sort of motivation, focus, and discipline. Many people “talk the talk,” but Kenny actually “walks the walk.” Kenny actually cares about the state and future of the community. He has reminded me many times, by example, that we can’t just stand on the sidelines and complain. We, each of us, have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.”

-Kenny Young


I met Kenny years ago when we attended Southern Illinois University in 1989. Even then I saw how he was a positive role model and mentor to students and youth on the campus though we only knew each other in passing. His positive energy then was something I looked up to though he didn’t know it, and even tried to model back then.
We recently reconnected in the early months of 2013 and when he described what he was doing I was not surprised to find out he continues to extend himself to those he comes in contact with. He is always good for positive words of wisdom, and when I was going through a tough time (and am not through it yet) Kenny was the person I reached out to. Rather than turn away someone who was truly hurting and depressed, Kenny embraced me and bonded with my time of need. His words really uplifted me that evening and he promised to be there if I needed an ear on future dates. While I am not through with what brought me down that weekend, I am certainly not as low as I was and it was due to speaking with Kenny that possibly prevented me from doing something (or harming myself) that I would have truly regretted.
I could go on but there are not enough words in the English language nor enough hours in the day to describe how great a man like Kenny is. I look forward to the day he accomplishes his goals and dreams in regards to his talk show but in the mean time, I am proud to know that he is touching the lives of many others through his speaking engagements and mentorships. I will certainly continue to reach out to him often as his words are truly ones of wisdom and that help me get through my days.
Extremely Enthusiastically,
Dr. Marc B


“When I first heard about Kenny I was eager to hear more about his journey and story. After I heard his story, I was absolutely intrigued and inspired by the amazing work he is doing. Kenny is a great communicator and he speaks in such a way that he is able to connect with all humanity. His deep conviction, transparency and courage has inspired me and motivated me to do even greater things in my life. I guarantee you that once you hear him speak you will be challenged to look at your life and make some changes. More importantly, you will be inspired to heal the wounds of your past and embrace a whole new life.”

Jamelle D. Sanders
President/CEO, Jamelle Sanders International


“Although I don’t know Kenny personally, I do know that he is a humble, positive and inspirational man. His messages to people young and old is the same – give 100%, be true to yourself, work hard, help others; love your family, yourself and God. As a woman, I appreciate him asking questions that we are sometimes afraid to ask ourselves – and he makes us think first and then answer. He’s a blessing to us all.”

-Darlene DeJohnette


I had the pleasure of attending one of Kenny Ollins BORN events and I was not disappointed. I found him to be authentic and transparent when dealing with the current state of male/female relationships. His insight is superb and should be heard by all.



Kenny ollins has shared his life experiences through motivational speaking as a point of contact for women to avoid pitfalls. He is a straight shooter and candid in his honesty, but his style helps you to digest the truth . Kenny doesn’t aim to harm you with his words, but prevent you for harming yourself. Therefore, if what he speaks offends you, its not to cause harm, but to help you get out of your own way. He promotes growth. I salute KO for being a true leader who open up and be fearless in exposing his own flaws, but refuses to allow his past or your past to be an excuse to keep you in a stagnant place. Kenny will coach you out of the gutter even if his words seems like a drill sergeant. He doesn’t want you to stay in that low place. He builds you up. That’s why his mouth piece is a gift to many. Thanks KO

LaSavine Givens


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