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10    Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Date Married Men


1.) Unethical and Wrong – No matter how much you try to prove yourself right — there are no justifications when it comes to dating a married person. It is considered to be ‘ethically wrong’ and could hamper your life in more ways than one.

2.) Lies: No matter what he says to you he’s lying.

3.) Second best – When you get involved with a married man, no matter how much he claims you to be his true love, at the end of the day, his wife and family (kids) will be his first priority. Remember that he will come up with a host of excuses to cover up for cheating on his family – but when it comes to choosing between his family and you, it will always be his family.

4.) Women are supposed to stick together –So what you don’t personally know his wife. Its women like you that give good women a bad name.

5.) Would you like it?  Just for a second, wait and think. Had you found out that your husband is cheating not only on you but your kids as well – would you approve of it? Let it pass by? Cheating in any form is disgraceful. More than that, you can never guarantee that he will leave his wife and kids and accept you legally.

6.) What he did to her; he will do to you – What makes you think that you’re so special? Oh you think that he will eventually leave her for you. LOL. You’re a side piece. A jump off. Oh he’s giving you money and paying for a couple of your bills. I guess your body does have a price huh?!

7.) You’re being used – You’re just an outlet. You’re present to be a stress reliever from his day to day life. He’s not invested in you. He invested in his children and his family. I know what you’re saying, but we love each other. LOL He may like you and there very well may some good qualities about you. But why would any man respect a woman who is willing to settle for less than she deserves.

8.) Low Self-Esteem and Desperation- Women who date married men have low self-esteem and no value of their self-worth. Not to mention they are desperate and flat out pathetic.  You mean to tell me that all these men in the world and you have to be with someone who is taken. Are you kidding me? Yeah, a good man may be hard to find, but guess what the good men are usually already taken and if that “good man” is cheating with you then he is the “wrong man and a trifling man.”

9.) You will be considered a whore – Yeah I said it. A whore is more than just a woman who gets paid to have sex. A whore will sleep with your man and not bat an eye about it.  She will even justify why she thinks it okay for her to sleep with a married man and keep doing and enjoy it. Really!

10.) Family Upbringing – Now this may seem a little harsh to say, but if you’re sleeping with a married man, maybe you’re a bastard child and simply don’t know any better.  And if that is the case then you better get it together because I’m sure you’ve seen TV shows where the wife kills her husband for cheating.  You better watch your back because she may just “Snap” and kill you too.


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