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5 minutes of pleasure could lead to a lifetime of pain!

Men: You can sleep with whomever you want. You can sleep with multiple women at once if you choose. You can run game and deceive women all you want just to get what you want. But I’m here to tell you Karma is a Beast! If you’re sleeping around creating soul ties and/or having babies all over town and you think its cool. Ok! Do your thang! But don’t you think for one minute that the energy that you put out into the universe won’t come back to bite you in the butt. How would you feel if your daughter, sisters, female cousins were known for sleeping around, being easy and having 4 or 5 babies daddy’s?! Not a good look right. Well if its not a good look for a woman, its not good for a man. No double standards. If there are men that operate within such boundaries and think that its ok; understand that its not. Question: Even if you don’t change your behaviors and actions for yourself; Can you at least, for the sake of your daughter(s) sister(s), mother, or any woman in your life that means anything to you change your ways and do better?


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