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Men are cheated on too and it stings!

An engaged man makes a decision not to move in with his fiancé who just purchased a house for the two of them; weeks before they were supposed to move in together. Needless to say she was devastated by his decision. After this decision the couple embarked upon an emotional rollercoaster relationship. The woman began to lose weight, her hair began falling out due to stress; the relationship took a turn for the worse. A few weeks later the woman meets a Jamaican man who worked for Sandals Resorts who happened to stop by her job passing out flyers about vacation deals. One day the man listens to a causal voicemail on her cell phone from the Jamaican man that says, “Call me back.” The man inquires about the message, but the woman says, “Oh he’s just calling to give me information about Sandals.” The man replies, “then why is he speaking so casually.” She replies, “It’s nothing.” Suspicious of the nature of their relationship the man starts to investigate over time. This is how it plays out:

One night the man calls her all night and all morning and cannot reach her. When he inquired about her whereabouts. The woman says, “that she spent the night over her girlfriends house after a late night of drinking.”

All of a sudden she stops answering her phone late at night saying that she goes to sleep early.

The man drives by her house late at night to find a strange car in her driveway, he inquiries about the car the next day, she gets offended and says, “why are you coming by my house unannounced?”

The next time he drives by her house the same car is in the garage, the man brings this to her attention; she gets offended again, the next time the man drives by she has newspaper on the garage windows.

One night he drives by her house and notices her bedroom light on, but she doesn’t answer her phone when he calls. The man inquires why? She replies, “the guy spent the night, but he slept on a pallet on the floor.”

After constant interrogation by the man overtime, the woman says that they need to take a break from the relationship, but they continued to talk on the phone and go out to eat from time to time.

The woman says that the guy is just a friend and that the man needs to respect her space.

Then one day out of the blue the woman tells the man she’s going to Jamaica in a week. She then says that she is going with her girlfriend to clear her head and when she gets back they are going to work on their relationship and get things back on track.

The man doesn’t believe that’s she going to Jamaica with her girlfriend so he confronts her at her job and ask her directly, “Are you going with this guy?” The woman convincingly says, “no, you’re acting insecure and she even gets teary eyed about as she expresses how hurt and devastated she was because he didn’t want to move into their home and wanted to postpone the wedding.”

The man not believing her story about her trip to Jamaica called a friend of his who worked for Sandals Resort in Jamaica to look into the hotel’s database and find out if the guy was staying at the resort. He finds out that he was and that he would be arriving with a guest. The day of the guy’s arrival the man calls the hotel room. The guy answers the phone, the man asked to speak to the woman and the woman says hello. The man tells her off and hangs up.

A week later after her return the woman calls trying to explain about the trip. She lies and says that she was there with her girlfriend and that the guy came along to show them around Jamaica. She tells this lie for weeks on end until she finally admits the truth.

The man tells her that he never wants to talk to her again. She calls the man everyday for two years trying to win him back, but to no avail her attempts were futile. She even had her friends and family call him to convince him to take her back, but he refused and went on to marry someone else years later.

Summary: The man admits that it was not in her character to have a whirlwind affair with another man. However, the woman lose all sensibility, rational and logic of what she was doing and found an escape from her pain through the arms of another man. Although she was hurt, this situation could have been handled very differently. Truth, honesty and transparency: this woman allowed her pain to override her ability to be honest and transparent about her feelings and her actions.

I guess this proves it’s not just men that cheat. It’s unfortunate that people can’t be honest enough to say that they want to act outside of their relationship before they actually do it.

Moral of the Story: The truth cost nothing, but a lie can cost you everything.


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