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Triangles are dangerous!

John who lives his family, a wife and 3 children and his lover Suzie. John thinks he has something good, not knowing his lover Suzie has a side piece with benefits named Anthony. Anthony has a wife; one day his wife decided to follow him after she had found out he was cheating on her. Not knowing who his lover was, she was in for the biggest surprise of her life when she witnessed he was meeting up with a man. She also found out he was meeting and having an affair with a woman (Suzie) as well. This woman happens to be the lover of John. As Anthony’s wife investigated further she decided to follow Suzie thinking she was meeting up with her husband, but was suprised to find out she was meeting up with another man (John). Long story short, Anthony’s wife decides to write John a letter exposing the big triangular affair which consisted of 5 parties involved.

There appears to be no circle of trust among these men and women. Trust of course is the biggest factor that impedes all of these people’s relationship, however is anyone thinking about STD’s, HIV or creating soul ties with other people?! I guess not. There is a New Millennium Sexual Revolution that exists in today’s society. The difference between today’s sexual revolution and the 60’s sexual revolution is that in the sixties sex was more socially acceptable outside the strict boundaries of heterosexual marriage and extracurricular activities were seen as a form of expression and truth among their mates that were openly and honestly discussed. In the 21st century this form of sexual revolution is what I like to call the “Side Piece Movement” in this movement people are finding it acceptable and exciting to adopt a social norm that has changed how people not only view marriage, but justification for lying to and cheating on their mate. Nowadays both men and women are intentionally seeking out married people to date. What is this world coming to? If this has become the social norm of today’s society and no one feels the need to be faithful and loyal why not just remain single?! I guess the thought of contracting HIV is a thing of the past because at some point most people begin to feel comfortable with one another to stop using contraceptives if they ever did. And with everyone sleeping around; even if you think that you are sleeping with just one person you could very well be sleeping with 20 people because of who your mate is sleeping with. Scary thought I know, but this is very real in today’s society and don’t think that you’re exempt from this round table of sex escapades.


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