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People vs Social Media

People have really taken social media too far. As reported by an off duty Dallas police officer who arrived on the scene of a car accident, witnessed two people burning to death in a car wreck as citizens watching the accident did nothing to help. Even more saddening, sick even, is that instead of calling 911 or trying to attempt to help the trapped people inside the burning vehicle, witnesses chose to video tape the entire scene with their cell phones to later post to social media sites for the world to see.

Social media does have it advantages, but using it for such purposes is not one of them. Nowadays people are so consumed with checking cell phones, obsessed with social media, and upgrading to the latest technology that humanity has lost touch with the human physical touch. How sick is our society when we are more concerned with recording death rather than we are helping to preserve lives. All that can be said about this is if it was your loved one what would you do? Would you be more concerned about recording their death? or In panic mode to try to find help to attempt to save a life?

Sometimes advancements can hinder us from remembering how far we’ve actually come or not.

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