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From arrogance to humility!

One’s arrogance and self-absorption can impede the growth and evolution of an individual. I’ve been humbled through my failures and I’ve been humiliated through my pride. My lack of humility had impacted the way I lived my life, limited my view of the world and caused me to look down on others in an effort to uplift myself. A shameful thought indeed for a man who knows that the Lord does not like a proud look, but instead I chose to challenge that notion because of my own insecurities and limited view of my self-worth. Living up to, maintaining an image of someone that the public thinks they know to be strong, secure, confident and well put together doesn’t make popular headlines to know that perception is really not reality. I have been broken like any other man or woman. I am not perfect which speaks to the obvious fact that I have fallen just as many times as I have gotten back up. Yet God’s grace continues to save me from myself, but not before understanding that The Lord God giveth and the Lord God taketh away. If there is one important thing that I have learned about spirituality and humility is that they are synonymous. One should always be able to recognize oneself in another person. Because once you can do that then and only then will your spirit guide you where your character will remain constant. Who you are behind closed doors should be the same person that you are in public. Humility is only hard for those who think too much of themselves and less of others.


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