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College vs life after

Sometimes we can learn from other’s experiences. #lessons

When you’re living at home under the care of your parent(s) and they’re guidance and structure is what keeps you in line on a day-to-day. When you thought your mother was being mean to you because she wouldn’t allow you to do whatever you wanted or you had what seemed liked an insurmountable amount of chores; you didn’t realize she was actually teaching you to be responsible and build character.

It wasn’t until you went off on your own to college or left the nest and you had to learn what it was like to do things for yourself and make your own decisions, not knowing how challenging it would be. You never had to worry or concern yourself with getting it right, because your mother was in charge, but let you tell it she was so damn hard on you. The moment you realize she was doing the best thing for you. Is when life challenges present themselves and the lessons learned can now be applied.

I wasn’t a saint by any stretch. I was a menace. How did I become that when I didn’t come from that. I wasn’t in a gang while growing up in Cabrini. I was kid that went to school all the time. However, things changed when I went off to College. I wanted to make a name for myself, I guess.

1. I tried to talk to EVERY pretty girl on campus and every school I visited.
2. I got into many fights and almost was expelled from the university because of my fighting.
3. I entered the dorm rooms of students without permission and took their books to sell them back to the university.
4. I provided the pizza delivery man with someone else’s checks to buy pizza. I even took pizza’s from the delivery guy when he put the pizza’s down to make change.
5. I used and transferred around other people calling cards to phone girls, family, and friends all over Illinois.

Although I went to class and passed all my courses, I could have lost everything I went to school for. Thank God social media and camera phones weren’t around during my college days. I was no different from the kids or the people we call thugs today. I was just as bad and I can only thank God for sparing me. I could have a felony or 2 which could have prevented me from being a Probation Officer today. I have to lead by example and who I was then (college days) is not who I am today.

To this day, my mother has no clue of what I mentioned. She didn’t raise me like that. She tried to prevent me from being like many that lived that lifestyle. I recall seeing many people I grew up with living like what I mentioned, but wasn’t so lucky. I just want to say to all that have struggled and have done things they aren’t proud of, I am no better than you, I just choose to live and do things accordingly and to a plan. We all have to grow up someday, but you have to choose when you are READY!!!!


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