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Nobody should be exempt from 1st degree murder charges, not even police officers! (16 shots)

Police Officers should be held to a higher standard. Why does it appear that the police officers are put on the same pedestal as the president? TOO MUCH POWER!!!!!

Why are they given so much power when it comes to taking an innocent life? They too should have their day in court, nobody should be exempt.

Why is it so hard to get a police officer convicted for 1st degree murder?

Why is it that police officers are brought up on brutality charges more than crimes are being committed, but yet there are no firings, and IPRA always find the charges unfounded due to lack of evidence.

EXAMPLE: Chicago Police has 12,000 officers, like Van Dyke, 402 officers have 20 or more complaints on file in the database. The most complaints against any officer according to the database is 68. Van Dyke, officer that murdered Laquan Mcdonald has 20 complaints, none resulted in discipline, but yet due to his excessive force he used on my good friend and college buddy, 350,000 was awarded by the jury. Van Dyke should have been off the streets and fired a long time ago.

There were more than 8,500 complaints filed against Chicago Police Officers from 2002 to 2008 and 2011 to 2015. All the facts
provided above are only to 2015. I’m curious what those numbers are 3 years later (2018)

Police are suppose to serve and protect, not kill black life. If police officers were held to a higher standard, there is a great chance, crime wouldn’t be so high. Folks in the community would feel more inclined to standing together with each other and the police, knowing they are being protected. Police at one point were considered family of the community, now they are the enemy.

Once upon a time ago, folks felt comfortable in calling the police, now those calling police are being investigated, attacked, killed, discriminated against, etc. I know this all too well, as I have experienced it first hand after calling the police about strange activity occurring in my previous neighborhood. The police were more afraid of the people, than the people are afraid of the police. Who are these police that are being hired? Excuse my language, but they just don’t have the balls, that’s why they are so quick to shoot. I question those that hire. Is this by design? Is it part of their plan to take away and destroy the black family? Those are just a few of many questions that loom daily. Why are so many white officers assigned to the poor black communities, knowing the blatant racism, and constant killing of black folks? Something needs to change. We need change now if we want peace in the community, and just maybe we will stop killing each other. If there is no lead, then there is no guide, and if there is no guide, then all we have is destruction!!! #itstimetosaveourcommunities


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