Quotes by K.O.

1. You are a queen of internal beauty, power, and self-worth that is undeniable because you were BORN this way.

2.  Ladies you are not a prize (possession). You are not to be put in a race for a victory. You are God’s gift made for man to have but only to the one that is WORTHY. Know your worth!

3. You are BORN with greatness but do you know how to live it? Don’t waste your greatness by taking shortcuts. Sometimes we have to go on long journeys before we can find that greatness within. Don’t give up, it’s closer than you think.

4. Bury your past and do not allow it to re-incarnate itself.
Suggestion: Cremate your past.

5. Don’t give the devil the freedom to run in your head. Only let God monopolize your mind. Translation: Let no man nor woman control your thinking or actions.

6. As bad as we all want to mend things, it’s best sometimes to accept them as the other person see fit and move on but know in your heart and mind you forgive but won’t forget. Don’t let others deprive you of your happiness because of their bitterness. It’s a bitterness toward themselves. It’s a MUST that you love yourself if you plan on loving anyone else. Love doesn’t mean to take away, it means to give.

7. God is moving things around, moving things out and ridding of those that are detrimental to the success not only to others but to themselves. You have to want something in life, if you are trying to get somewhere in life. Standing still is like an old junk car without an engine…LIFELESS.

8. It’s called the ULTIMATE GIFT.  When God presents to you the ULTIMATE gift He wants you to have, YOU must be READY. All of your experiences should have prepared you for it.

9. When he shows up, he will show up in the image of God so BE READY. A real man not only shows his face but his actions speak volumes. A real man is not afraid to show you his heart let alone give you his heart!

10. Ladies be ready when he arrives but also express your true intentions. Fellas know when you have a good thing before you. Actions not just words are what women want.

11. Sometimes we are B.O.R.N. in families of destruction but we do have the option to escape and free ourselves.

12. Love is worth more than any dollar amount. The four letter word is bigger than any word in the dictionary.  Love holds more weight than all of us put together, so why not spread the love and learn how to love one another

13. No matter how talented one may be never let their negative spirit sabotage your hard work or vision. (remove yourself). Everybody’s not meant to do business together. That’s why it’s called reason, season or lifetime. This too applies to relationships. Sometimes as hard as it may sound, you may have to disconnect from family members if they are not on the same page.

The moral of the story: Only bring into your world those that are ready to move forward and for those backsliders, let them feed off your positive energy and if they are hungry, they will take it all in. No matter what, never give up!!!

14. We may not like everything about a person, but we should love everything about them and every aspect of them because we are creations of God. We serve him, not ourselves. He(God) loves us so we need to love each other. He(God) gives us chances therefore we need to do the same. He(God) hasn’t given up so we shouldn’t. We have work to do, it can and will be done. I choose nothing but peace. I am no longer an enemy in my mind therefore nothing can rule. I look forward and not behind so all that had stunt my growth will no longer. I have knowledge, power and abilities to do all things GREAT through God that protects me.

15. A woman is the driving force behind EVERY man’s accomplishments. She is our mother. She gave birth to us. She was our first, let’s not forget……. PRICELESS!!!

16. Without you I(we) could not be B.O.R.N. Without you I(we) would not know how to be the man I am. Your lessons have taught me(us) how to stand strong. I(we) honor you. You are my(our)Queen, you are every man’s dream. You are a precious star, so much of a lovely woman that you are. When we(men) look into your eyes, we see a woman of honesty, dignity or might I say respectability. Please know we(men) will claim that identity, an identity to be the man we know we shall and will be.

17. Don’t let your love for him or her cloud your judgement or decision making. Don’t be fooled by the outward appearance. Have some respect for one’s intellect and just maybe you will gain some knowledge to who they are and what they have to offer you. Material things are PRICEY but Action is PRICELESS!!!! Be of value, Know your worth and live Righteously. Free your mind, Free yourself…..Heal Yourself.

18. When you hate someone you will not be able to let them go. Hate is a disease, it attacks you from all angles (mentally,spiritually,physically, emotionally and financially). Exiting a relationship with love will allow you to move on and let go, but only if you have power over yourself. Many of us no longer have power over ourselves however, our power lies within the other person. It takes too much energy to hate. Use that energy and exert it into loving yourself and others around you.

19. Life is a ride, a roller coaster ride….up and down all around. As a man, I have decided to sit still and absorb the hit, that’s what a real man does, cover, protect and lead his woman not quit. His lead is not power or control over her but a comfort for her to trust and believe he will guide her in the right direction. If a man wants a woman to submit, then he must COMMIT to God. I am worthy….. I am King and you are Queen.

20. If you rush it, you might miss the right turn. I suggest you be patient and evaluate the situation before you make any quick decisions that could cost you in the end.

21. My vision is far beyond what’s ever been imagined. I am on a journey to heal, succeed and help others redefine their purpose in life. The challenge is to go beyond what you think you want to be but be what you are destined to be. Be WHOLE. The first steps to healing are to admit to pain. Once a person can admit, the process begins. Next step is to target where the pain comes from. Once you have narrowed it down, then you must start to unravel the issues that have occurred since. It is now time to forgive. Forgiveness releases you from any self destructive acts. REVEAL the issue and deal with it, TALK about it, WRITE about it. Finally, you must LOVE yourself more then you can love someone else. Once you have done that, then you can finally learn how to love. YOU ARE HEALED!!!

22.  Be you and I will be me, then you will see how much we will be free. Let a person have the Freedom to be them and nothing else. If they make a mistake, then let them. We are all entitled to making mistakes. Live, Love and Learn Happiness!

23. Pain does not Discriminate (Dominoe effect). The revolving door of pain continues to take us to lower levels. Pain is like an elevator going up and down. Don’t let Pain continue to be the leader of you and continue to destroy your relationships.

24. You are like a Butterfly sitting on top of a cloud in the sky. You are like a Flower developing everyday. You are like a Heart pumping blood, ALWAYS trying to help others. Describing a person like you is….PRICELESS! You are a God spirited, Beautiful, Intelligent, Caring, Considerate, Thoughtful, Amazing, Devoted, Loving, Patient, STRONG Woman, who many admire because YOU always try to inspire. KEEP BEING YOU. Believe That!!!

25.  Five minutes of PLEASURE (could lead to) can cost you a lifetime of pain! Be smart, play it safe.

26. Defeat is no Option. We have already Won!

27. My greatest experiences have been B.O.R.N. from my failures…

28. Don’t Block your Blessings because of Pain somebody else inflicted on you. Heal yourself first before you infect someone else with the Devil disease (PAIN). Love does not hurt, so don’t try to share what you think is Love, however, it is PAIN, a continued disease we all must escape from in order to be our best self to anyone else.

29. Look in the mirror, take ownership for what you do, stop blaming others and just maybe you will see it’s not just the other person’s fault but something you have been dealing with for quite sometime. Be mindful when taking old baggage to a new location, you can cut down on a long wasted trip! Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s!

30. Relationships should not be built on expectation but appreciation.
31.If a woman is willing to give you her heart and you’re not ready to receive it don’t accept it. Be man enough and mature enough and let her know that you’re not emotionally ready or equipped to receive such a precious gift.

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