• Don’t wait, it could be too late!December 29th, 2016

    Do you mind if I share something with you? First, I’d like to say that, while I have invited the public in on a lot of my life, with the intent of helping someone else, this story is one I was deter

  • Stop playing gamesApril 7th, 2013

    LADIES it is not your responsibility to consistently and constantly hold a man accountable for his lack of ability to consistently treat you with love, respect, and adoration.

  • You Should Answer if You Are Considering DivorceApril 5th, 2013

    Questions You Should Answer if You Are Considering Divorce
    By Cathy Meyer
    Do you want to get divorced? The decision to divorce is critical, with consequences that can last a lifetime.

  • 13 Things Men look for in a Woman: A Man wants a woman who:April 1st, 2013

    1.) Is Intelligent – Someone who brings some intellectual substance to the table. Sure we can have some mindless conversation for fun, but finding a woman that can stimulate his mind is a must.

  • Domestic violence is closer than you think.March 29th, 2013

    As a probation officer, one of my roles is to conduct weekly group meetings with the young men on my caseload.

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